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Facial PolyFlex Angel Soft ps 96/54

54 Packs @ 96 Sheets , 5184 Sheets , Sheet (WxL) 8.300" x 7.800"

Provides at-home comfort away from home


Roll out the white carpet for your customers with the luxury of at-home softness and appearance, all in a nationally known, quality brand. Introducing Angel Soft Professional Series® White PolyFlex® Facial Tissue. It's the same premium facial tissue in a new format. A single sku fits in cube, flat, and wall-mounted facial tissue dispensers.

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  • STORAGE EFFICIENCY. Requires 50% less storage space with 50% more sheets per case when compared to a case of GP PRO cubed facial tissue. The smaller footprint and more product per case can help reduce the impact on storage.
  • WASTE REDUCTION. Going boxless reduces packaging waste up to 69%, when compared to cases of GP PRO cubed and flat boxed facial tissue. Fully enclosed packaging can help prevent water damage and contamination on bathroom counters.
  • RECOGNIZED BRAND. A recognized brand by 96% of consumers. (Millward Brown Brand Equity Tracker Q2 2009)
  • OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCIES. A single sku fits in both cube, flat and wall-mounted facial tissue dispensers. The perforated case helps provide easy access.
  • HOUSEKEEPING EFFICIENCIES. More packs per housekeeping cart, less waste in trash. Color contrast or printed sheets help indicate when it is time to change the facial tissue.
  • Contains at least 10% post-consumer recycled fiber, and meets or exceeds EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines.
  • Recyclable LDPE poly packaging. (Low Density Polyethylene)