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Wiper AccuWipe MicroPrem Tech Cln Bx(OBS


30 Boxes @ 280 Count , 8400 Count , Wiper (WxL) 4.500" x 8.250"

Combines pure virgin fiber with G-P's new microfiber tissue technology for *superior wipe clean performance (leaves less surface residue), lower wet lint, and superior wet & dry strength than KIMTECH Science Kimwipes. *based on independent and industry-standard lab tests of 1-ply.


AccuWipe® MicroPremium™ 1-ply light duty technical cleaning wipers deliver low-lint, low-contaminant performance across a variety of industries and diverse applications. These convenient, palm-sized, "lens", single-ply wipers offer superior conformity, making them ideal for the most delicate tasks. Anti-static poly-shield minimizes Electro Static Discharge to help to protect against damage to sensitive electronic parts. Soft, non-abrasive, pure fiber paper offers greater absorbency and streak-free cleaning for compatibility with many hard polycarbonates and glass surfaces. For added convenience, these wipers can be dispense directly from their protective dispenser box or used in lens cleaning station dispensers.

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  • Made with 60% virgin cellulose fiber and 40% GP virgin cellulose microfiber tissue technology for superior wipe clean performance
  • Gentle on delicate surfaces, especially when used wet
  • Low lint tightly integrated “micro” fibers result in less fiber loss for extremely low lint
  • Wipes Clean effectively removing surface residue
  • Strong- microfibers create high tensile strength to hold up extremely well in use
  • Microfiber capillary action results in superior absorption rate
  • Disposable to help prevent cross-contamination from reuse