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GP PRO Pacific Blue Select# AccuWipe® Premium 1-Ply Disposable Delicate Task Wiper, Medium, White

15 Boxes @ 290 Count , 4350 Count , Wiper (WxL) 11.250" x 8.400"

When primary need is to ‘clean without damaging’ delicate surfaces, parts, and equipment during the cleaning process.


Pacific Blue Select™ 1-ply Premium delicate task wipers deliver low-lint, low-contaminant performance across a variety of industries and diverse applications. These single-ply wipers offer superior conformity, making them ideal for the most delicate tasks. Anti-static poly-shield minimizes Electro Static Discharge to help to protect against damage to sensitive electronic parts. Soft, non-abrasive, pure fiber paper offers greater absorbency and streak-free cleaning for compatibility with many hard polycarbonates and glass surfaces. For added convenience, these wipers can be dispense directly from their protective box or used in a lens cleaning station dispenser.

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  • Dispenses wipers one-at-a-time to help reduce waste and control costs.
  • Portable box ensures wipers are available where needed.
  • Boxed design with anti-static poly opening, and helps protect the unused wipers from contamination.
  • Gentle on delicate surfaces, especially when used wet.
  • Low lint, helps prevent contamination of sensitive lenses and equipment.
  • Wipes surfaces clean, effectively removing surface residue.
  • Strong, holds up for intended use, even when used wet.
  • Absorbs liquids and spills, wipes surfaces dry.
  • Disposable, helps prevent cross-contamination from reuse.
  • Made with 100% virgin cellulose fiber.