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GP PRO Brawny® Professional F800 Disposable Cleaning Towel, Long Distance Roll, White

1 Roll @ 730 Cloths , 730 Cloths , Wiper (WxL) 10.800" x 6.700"

FLAX wipers give users the safety of a disposable without sacrificing performance and feel and are *sustainable. (*Made from 100% plant-based material)


Brawny® Professional F800 wipers made with natural flax fiber (85% flax, 15% reconstituted cellulose fibers) – an exciting new technology that delivers a high-performing, heavy-duty, disposable wiper made from the stalks of flax plants. Flax is a plant grown for its seeds, which are used in everything from food to cosmetics, while its stalks are typically plowed-under, until now. Georgia-Pacific’s new F800 wiper utilizes these flax stalks to form a strong and absorbent wiper with great hand feel, and is made from 100% plant-based renewable material.

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  • Provides quick access to wipers when needed.
  • High capacity roll contains the equivalent of a full case of folded wipers.
  • Variety of options available for convenient dispensing (see Related Products).
  • Durable, stands up to tough cleaning tasks even when used with industrial cleaners and solvents.
  • Super absorbent, Flax quickly soaks up water & oil and effectively cleans grease & grime.
  • Soft, cloth-like feel and drape
  • Excellent alternative to laundered shop towels; delivers a clean towel, free from contaminants.
  • Excellent alternative to bulk rags; delivers consistent size, shape, and quality.
  • Sustainable, made from 100% plant-based material.
  • Can help earn LEED credits.
  • BPI® Certified as Compostable. Product is compostable in commercial composting facilities. Such facilities may not exist in your area. BPI® is a trademark of the Biodegradable Products Institute. www.bpiworld.org
  • USDA Certified BioBased product.