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GP PRO Dixie Ultra® SmartStock® Series-B Medium-Weight Polypropylene Plastic Spork Refill, White

24 Each @ 40 Pieces , 960 Pieces , Piece Length 5.400"

SmartStock brand Medium-weight polypropylene sporks are flexible and resist breaking, which helps improve safety.


Nobody wants to use cutlery that other people have touched. We get that. That’s why all of our utensils are kept nice and clean inside an enclosed dispenser. Guests press a lever and each utensil is distributed one at a time, which isn’t just good for hygiene, it helps reduce consumption and waste too. Not to mention, each dispenser holds at least 120 utensils, so there’s less time and effort spent on re-stocking.

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  • Hygienic Solution- Enclosed dispensers to keep germs and debris out. No more reaching into nasty cutlery bins that everyone touches.
  • Reduces usage on average by 29% compared to open bins.
  • When guests take only what they need, you get lower costs and less waste.
  • Operational Efficiency- Spend less time re-stocking. Pre-counted, pre-assembled refills make it easy.
  • Enhanced Image- Keep utensils neat and organized. Reduce counter top clutter.
  • Can help earn LEED credits