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Dixie® Products Dixie® Kraft 1/2 Sheet Cake Box

1 Case @ 50 Boxes , 50 Cake Boxes , Size (WxLxH) 14.000" x 19.000" x 4.000"

Available May 2015


Dixie® offers "on trend" one-piece, food packaging to showcase your baked goods. This high quality kraft preprinted design features a clear window and sturdy construction to help protect foods during storage and delivery. Ship and store flat for convenience. A snap to assemble.

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  • Features printed kraft outer design with sparkling white inside to showcase baked goods.
  • Optimal packaging for a 1/2 Sheet Cake
  • Manufactured with virgin SUS (Solid Unbleached Sulfate) paperboard designed to provide high rigidity and resistance to tears.
  • The one-piece, easy to assemble design allows for quick setup. Full sides add stability and help protect the product inside.
  • Product contains approx 83% compostable cellulose fiber by weight. *Product may be processed in commercial facilities that have final screening capability. Such facilities may not exist in your area.
  • Recyclable - Product may be recycled if you have access to a recycler that accepts paper or plastic products containing food residue. Such facilities may not exist in your area.