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GP PRO Brawny® Professional Disposable Wet Hand Cleaning Towel, Blue

6 Pails @ 84 Towels , 504 Towels , Wiper (WxL) 8.600" x 12.200"

Pre-moistened hand towels clean grease and grime off hands.


The Brawny® Professional wet hand towel features cloth-like softness that allows you to easily wipe and clean greasy and grimy hands on the spot. Soft, durable & strong with no gritty residue and clean, fresh scent make these a perfect clean-up solution and portable pail with one-at-a-time dispensing and added wiper protection helps reduce waste and control costs.

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  • Dispenses wipers one-at-a-time to help reduce waste and control costs.
  • Silicon nozzle helps keep moisture in and prevent wipers from drying out.
  • Portable pail ensures wipers are available where needed.
  • Soft cloth-like hand feel, yet strong and durable for extended use.
  • Premoistened towel with a clean, fresh scent.
  • Cleans clean grease and grime off hands and hard surfaces.
  • No gritty residue, nonabrasive.