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  • Mfg: 50016

Dispn Part Tiss Compact Core Reform Tool

50 Each Per Case , Dimensions 6.500" x 0.500" x 0.500"

A Quick Fix For Crushed Compact® Tissue Cores.


Let’s face it, crushed tissue cores happen. Fortunately, it is an occurrence that can be easily corrected. All it takes is the readily available core reforming tool.

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  • 1. The first step is preparation: Identify all rolls with crushed cores and group them together in one spot.
  • 2. Next comes reforming: Hold and compress (i.e. squeeze) each crushed roll to open the core.
  • 3. Insert the core reforming tool (50016) into the now-open core.
  • 4. Push the tool until it stops, remove the tool and repeat the action from the other end of the core.